Selection Committee Confidentiality Agreement

Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame Selection Committee Confidentiality Agreement

In consideration of being permitted to attend and participate in deliberations of the 2021 Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame selection committee (hereinafter the “Hall of Fame” and the “committee” or “selection committee”), I hereby agree as follows:

  1. I have been invited to participate in deliberations of the committee. I understand that the deliberations of the committee are intended to remain confidential to promote the maximum interchange of information that may be relevant to selecting Hall of Fame inductees.
  2. Without specific written authorization from Friends of the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame (hereinafter “Friends”), which is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation that is responsible for organizing and maintaining the Hall of Fame, or from one of the Friends’ co-chairs, its executive director, or its authorized agent, I will not divulge to anyone not present at a given committee meeting any of the following:
    1. Any information about the content of discussions that occur at such meeting.
    2. Any information about the identity of any individual who participates in such discussions or attends such meetings.
    3. Any information about vote totals from any balloting that occurs at such meeting.
    4. The identity of any person selected or recommended by the committee as an inductee unless a prior public announcement thereof has been made by Friends; provided, however, that, if I have been authorized by the committee or by Friends to advise any such person of her or his recommendation or selection and no such public announcement thereof has yet been made, I shall have authority to deliver such advice but not to divulge the identity of any other person selected or recommended until such a public announcement thereof has been made.
  1. I understand that unauthorized disclosure of information regarding deliberations of the selection committee or their results can cause serious harm to the reputation and proprietary interests of Friends, the Hall of Fame, the selection committee, the nominees, or the participants in or members of the board of directors of any or all of them. I further understand that any violation by me of the terms of this agreement (which violation, if any, shall be determined solely by Friends) may result in my exclusion from further participation in activities sponsored from time to time by Friends or its selection committees and may also result in legal action by Friends, nominees or individual members of its board of directors for recovery of damages caused by such violation.
  1. I understand that Friends retains authority to determine who may participate in any deliberations of its selection committees, if any, and to determine how selections of Hall of Fame inductees shall be made.
  1. I understand that there is contact information contained in the nomination files including, but not limited to phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, and this information is for use of business by the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame exclusively and that I may not copy or use this information.
  1. The recording of said proceedings, without the written consent of the Board, will also constitute a violation of this agreement.

This agreement must be signed and filed in advance with Friends of the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame or its designated representative for the signer to participate in deliberations of the 2021 selection committee.

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